Commander Stalin / User's Manual.

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1- Units.
    1-1 Building.
    1-2 Vehicles.
    1-3 Staff.
    1-4 Nature.

1-4 Nature.

The Soviet Union is the largest country on earth. Much of our nation is almost uninhabited because of the harshness of the winter season. However, the country is very
Rich in natural resources. Unfortunately, it has never been very profitable exploitation, due to the great distance that separates the fields of industry. But
because of the war,
the industry is moving to Siberia, are now much closer to resources. For the first time we can make use of this wealth, in which we placed our hopes of victory on the

The Siberian Landscape.

The landscape is typical Siberian Taiga. It remains almost the entire winter snowfall. In autumn, with the rain becomes a mud flats. Nearly half of the territory is consisting             
of primary forests, with minimal human activity. The diversity of fauna and flora is enormous. The vast Asia is in part unknown even for us. The truth is that there are
thousands of species of plants and animals undisturbed, many of which do not exist elsewhere.   The landscape is altered only by the few human communications
( the most important thing is the rail ) and natural barriers. These are the major rivers and lakes and mountains.
Siberia is enormously rich in natural resources. There is oil, gas and all kinds of metals. Then we will see a list of all natural elements that we can find, on a map of
Commander Stalin.


Siberia has the world's largest forests. In the game have created eight different types of trees. Trees are not an embellishment to the Commander Stalin. They appear,
often grouped forming forests which surround the map. Although you can get around a forest, even with armoured units, it takes much more that by open land. Forests
are ideal for concealing infantry and cause heavy casualties to the enemy who tries to cross it. Each tree is likely to appeal to a unit independent of the game.
It can be cut by workmen, directly or destroyed cannon (though the latter does not seem a good policy).

Fossils fuels.


At any level of the game, we need to collect fossil fuels for our industry. There are deposits in all of them. Siberia is very rich and can be found
everywhere, especially in
low-lying areas, where erosion would expose deeper areas of the field. In urban levels, fuel are in storage areas. We must assume that these materials were transported
to the city previously. To make use of these resources, workers can use or tankers.

Oil fields.
The oil is basic to our war effort. The oil fields are regions where it is profitable to extract the product. It was recognized by some black or gray stains on the surface of
the ground. Above them, build refineries directly, that extract and process the crude. It is important to uphold these fields, as they tend to be a priority target for the enemy.



Rivers can not be crossed by more than bridges. They are a great protection, even if we have few military means. Bridges are logically converted into key strategic points.
Often, the rivers serve as limits of nations. The game can also find great Lakes. Strategically are the same problem as the rivers, but on a larger scale.