Commander Stalin / User's Manual.

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1- Units.
    1-1 Building.
    1-2 Vehicles.
    1-3 Staff.
    1-4 Nature.

1- Units.

 Commander Stalin gives the player a good number of units and facilities that can manufacture. Each type of unit has an economic value and individuals properties.
Success in this game, requires an adequate knowledge of the characteristics of each type of unit, and its manufacture and use depending on the needs
tactics that the situation
of the game required. The units require a time of manufacture ( according to different type ) and are repairable. The vehicles and facilities are repaired  by workmen. Soldiers
recovered health thanks to the doctors. The firepower, strength and speed are the most important properties of each type of unit.
Here is all units available and their characteristics.

1-1 Buildings.

  The facilities are a set of properties that have two particular features. One that are static, meaning that once they are built remain in the place to be destroyed. And two,
they can produce other types of units. The facilities can be built only in free territory. If there are units such as vehicles or infantry should withdraw first, before building anything.
 Some parts of the ground, such as rivers, lakes or mountains too high nor permit to build facilities. Every type of installation requires a certain piece of land. The facilities can not
be united to build each other, all require a minimum separation. Not often good idea to gather much facilities as it produced undesired results, as problems to move units
(which can be blocked between  buildings) and massive damage in case of enemy attack, especially if it uses rockets.
The facilities are built by laborers. Comrade Stalin produces laborers the party faithful, extremely effective from a special facility called "Kremlin". At the beginning of the game,
always will have at least such a facility.

The Kremlin.
 This is the most important and basic installation of the game. Produce and allows workers to control the routes to the fields of oil and other fossil fuels. It is important not
losing it, and quite prudent to build more. Apart from the Kremlin, only the barracks can produce workers.

The barracks.

 The facility produces soldiers and workers. The workers can build any installation and repair facilities and vehicles. The soldiers are of two types, when the barracks belonged
to the Soviet Union or a faction of Soviet origin. The simplest type is the regular infantry and the most sophisticated is the infantry of the Guard. The characteristics of  these
units will look in more detail below. When the barracks belongs to Germany, this produces two types of infantry own. The soldier Regular German infantry and heavy.
The German workers are the same as the Soviets. They do the same thing as workers anywhere: work, work and work ...

The Hospital.

 The facility produces doctors. Doctors heal the workers and soldiers wherever they are. Actually, most hospitals that are universities of medicine.

Heavy Factory.

  Heavy factory producing vehicles. It can produce trucks, tanks T34, T50 and rocket launchers "Katiuska". The German version of this facility does not produce
these vehicles except trucks. However, produces impressive Tiger tanks I and motorcycles with sidecars.

Aircraft factory.

 Aircraft factory producing fighters in the service of the Soviet Union. The German version is more versatile. It can produce BF Messerschmitt 109 fighters and
bombers jet Messerschmitt Me 262. Nevertheless, the Soviet fighters and their pilots are fully prepared to effectively combat advanced German technology.

Power plant.

Facility that produces electricity by burning coal or petroleum. It is imperative to equip our base, a sufficient number of thermal power plants to provide an adequate
amount of energy in the remaining facilities. If we do not, the production facilities until fall, virtually stopped.
They are inexpensive and can be built and easily replace.

Research center of new energy.


There is much that is known about this facility. Except that produces large amounts of electricity (much higher than conventional thermal). But there are many rumors about
them.The most widespread links it to some kind of mysterious weapons based on radioactive minerals such as uranium. All sides involved in this war, can have such facilities.
If you destroy a nuclear power plant, keeps your troops there. The radioactivity might affect them. However, the armoured vehicles can pass through these areas without
great risk to their crews. But be careful are not a lot of time in contaminated areas. Over time, the affected regions were decontaminated by themselves.


The facility stores and processes crude derivatives for getting our facilities and vehicles. They are very important to our industry
and our armies. They can not settle anywhere.
They must be in the fields of oil. These are recognized by some black spots features. The game prevents construct misplaced. In any case, it is very important to defend well.
Usually good start attacking the enemy for their refineries and  power plant. After all, energy is the foundation of any system.

Heavy machine guns.
Static defensive installation. Very effective against infantry and aviation at close range. Very vulnerable to attacks with heavy ammunition. It can be built with ease at
a reduced cost of time and resources.

Heavy canyon.
Static defensive installation. This canyon is the weapon of greater scope and power of the game, unless we take into account The new German V2 rocket. The long-range
cannon is ideal for destroying enemy installations such as factories, refineries or power plants. They are also very effective against armored vehicles and infantry  motionless.
They are very vulnerable to attacks of any kind at close range and aviation.

Rocket V2.
Also called "weapon of vengeance", seems destined to change the course of the war. Only the German side has to produce this technology avant-garde weapon. Once armed
and refuelling, is released on its objectives without in any way we can intercept. Fortunately for us not has a perfect precision. It has manufacturing costs too high, indicating
workers and resources, but the Germans seem determined to use them. Comrade Stalin has ordered in destroying their bases to launch any price.

This facility allows us to detect the enemy before take over. It is a static defensive installation very important, especially against air strikes. Must
defenderlla well, because it is very vulnerable to any attack.

 Facility for psychological warfare. Located along the perimeter of our base, allow to get our messages to our leaders workers and soldiers. Located in the front line
serve to undermine the will to fight the enemy's invitation to surrender.