Commander Stalin / User's Manual.

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1- Units.
    1-1 Building.
    1-2 Vehicles.
    1-3 Staff.
    1-4 Nature.

1-2  Vehícles.

Vehicles are productive and military tasks. Most existing types in the game are for military use.

The tanker truck.
The truck used to extract fossil fuels ( oil, tar, gas or coal ) to shift deposits to which it may operate. They are very important for our energy and petrochemical industry.

The T34 tank.
The T34 tank is the backbone of the Soviet army. And the pride of our industry. This is the best tank adapted to the real needs of this conflict. Is easy to produce and repair,           
works well in the harsh Russian winter conditions (- 40 degrees), is inexpensive, fairly fast with a shield and average power. Though far from power, shielding and sophistication
of German tanks, better than these balances the various factors that really determine the usefulness of a tank Thus, for many,  the T34 is the best tank of the war.

The T50 tank.
The T50 was designed to bring to training for T34 firepower and armor for those who lack. It is a vehicle more expensive and requires more time to their manufacture, but this
trained to deal with the potential to most German tanks. Its canyon, has proved remarkably useful as a weapon air.

TheTiger I tank.
 The Tiger I tank is the most firepower, armour and sophistication of the game. In good condition maintenance is a fearsome weapon. One can only destroy two or three T34
without immutable. Fortunately for us, are not delivering the expected result. Our climate is fatally for a mechanical so elaborated. Many Precisasn Mechanical equipment
and latest technology for its maintenance. The Germans care either, and who think they will give you victory.

Katiuska rocket launcher.

 The Germans are building huge rockets (V2) that can reach targets more than 200 kilometers away. We do not have developed so this technology, but we have capacity
to produce hundreds of thousands of smaller rockets. The launch thousands from mobile launchers on their bases and columns of armoured. This weapon has given  our
artillery from a surprising potency. The casualties in enemy ranks have been enormous. These vehicles are more familiar "Stalin's organ".
And is that Comrade Stalin likes music ..

Motorcycle with a sidecar.

Small vehicle comprising a motorbike for the driver, and an annex (sidecar) for the shooter, designed to provide mobility to the German infantry. They are cheap produce
and maintain, but not very useful in the battle front. For the Soviets, we mobilized by train, by truck or even on horseback.

Soviet jet.
Another unpleasant surprise for the German command. Our fighters are excellent fighter. We may well face the best fighters Germans. The Soviet fighters possess an
exceptional ability to attack armoured vehicles. They are vulnerable to heavy German infantry and heavy machine guns.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 jet.
 He started the war being the game's star Reich, but as the conflict is prolonged in time, is finding increasingly mśs rivals. However, continuous being an excellent jet,
and deadly. It is cheap to produce and maintain. I enter service for the first time in 1936, in the Spanish civil war. It is the backbone of the force German Aerea (Luftwaffe).

Messerschmitt Me 262 attack aircraft.
The German designs are surprising everybody. They seem out of fancines of science fiction in the thirties. But they are real and very dangerous. The Me 262 fighter jet
is a greater than anything that can get in the air in at least ten years of development of our current technology. Fortunately for we (and as is often the case with much of the
new German weapons) has not ended. It highlights the practical problems, apart from production costs and maintenance. The most serious of all is the low reliability of the
engines. Due to the high temperature reaching, are not yet available alloys appropriate. Germany has aproximadamenrte 1400 Me 262, but only came about 300 in combat.
Bringing down a plane of this type is complicated because it flies more than 100 mph faster than the fastest of our aircraft. We must intercept since, at least two directions
simultaneously, as a chase from one direction is impossible, no matter the number of fighters they employ.