Commander Stalin / User's Manual.

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1- Units.
    1-1 Building.
    1-2 Vehicles.
    1-3 Staff.
    1-4 Nature.

1-3  Staff.

The workers.
The workers build any type of installation. They can also repair any facility or vehicle. Due to fatigue or assaults of the enemy, workers may lose part of their health
or even death. To retrieve it must have doctors. Although they may seem the weakest element of the game, the worker is
the most important of all, because without
it there is nothing, and without anything available workers, it is possible to rebuild all our facilities.

The doctors.
Formed in hospitals, deal with recovering the health of all personnel. We must bring with workers or soldiers and telling them they carry on their work.

Regular Soviet infantry.
In sufficient quantity, the Soviet infantry is able to almost everything. Assaulting installations, destroying tanks, and even shoot down planes. They are formed very                       
quickly, and consume few resources. They move with speed and agility. His potent fire is somewhat limited. Are advised to use mass, supported by tanks and
artillery or aviation.

Soviet guard infantry.
Infantry veteran, with a level of superior weaponry and training. Most of its members is strongly linked to comunist party. Many have participated in the revolution. His
loyalty to the party is total. But as in the comunist party there are several factions, you never know ... In any case, are the elite force par excellence our army.

Regular German infantry.
The regular German infantry is very well trained. It is a disciplined body best equipped of weaponry. Disperse with rifles and machine guns. Also launched grenades.
They are fast and cause extensive damage including armoured divisions. Unfortunately for them, their lines of supply are beginning to fail, because of the harshness
of winter, and our continuing attacks on their transport. There have adecauado apparel for winter warfare. Hitler conceived this front as a lightning war, a few months'
duration. I could not admit to send troops to winter clothing, because both would like to acknowledge that the plan of conquest of the USSR was wrong.

Heavy German infantry.
The German heavy infantry is a body that specializes in attacks on vehicles, aircraft and facilities using grenade launchers. They are very effective in their work,
but require more time to achieve its objectives, and more resources and time to train.